Holo. I’m back.

Sorry for not posting last week! I was traveling in my Travel Week and I had such an incredible time. I got to go to Santorini, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Florence, Italy; Venice, Italy; and Milan, Italy. The pictures here aren’t all of my pictures from these trips so check out my Travel Collection for all my pics from Travel Week!

Santorini, Greece: 10/25-10/28

My airbnb in Santorini was so nice and had such a great view. Most, if not all, of the buildings in Santorini are white and blue. Originally, the government required the buildings be white to help keep buildings cool during the summers but people started to add blue accents to match the Greece’s national colors: white and blue. Pretty cool stuff.

My friends and I had lunch at Salt and Pepper and this was absolutely life-changing. The haloumi cheese with tomato marmalade made me cry and I still dream about it. If (and when) I go back to Santorini, I’ll definitely be coming back to Salt and Pepper. PROTIP: make a reservation here. They usually give free desserts to people who make a reservation!

Since we were staying in Thera, we decided to do a sunset trip to Oia to see the sunset and it was so worth it. Oia is absolutely gorgeous at sunset and it was so cool to finally see the picturesque blue domes Santorini is known for.

Barcelona, Spain: 10/28-10/31

I LOVE Barcelona. Right when we got to Barcelona, we headed to Basílica de la Sagrada Família but were really bummed that all the tickets were sold out. As we were standing outside trying to figure out what to do next, a couple French tourists came up to us with exactly 3 tickets and asked if we wanted them to get in. Literally made our days (and our trip). Sagrada Familia was so gorgeous both inside and outside.

Barcelona is filled with gothic and Gaudi architecture and Park Guell is no exception. A must visit and definitely some really great views of the city.

There’s also a bunch of Gaudi buildings scattered throughout Barcelona. I visited two of them: Casa Mila and Casa Batllo. Both were so cool to actually see.

But how could I talk about Barcelona without talking about food???? The paella at Nogal was so incredible. We got the vegetable and the seafood paella and it was breathtakingly delicious. Also, when in Barcelona, please please please visit Lo Boqueria. This market is filled with cheap AND delicious food. A super refreshing change from Copenhagen’s pricier food.

Florence, Italy: 10/31-11/2

After Barcelona we headed to Florence and the Uffizi Gallery was free for a holiday! It was so cool to finally see some masterpieces I’ve learned about in class like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. The gallery itself is filled with so many incredible works and is such a beautiful building with an incredible view of Florence.

We unfortunately didn’t get to go inside the Florence Duomo because we didn’t buy tickets in advance but it was still gorgeous from the outside. If you’re planning on visiting Florence, I would definitely book these tickets and get to the top. It was still gorgeous from the outside though.

Ok. Now Florence food. Gelato gelato gelato. Get lot’s of gelato. The two places we mainly went to were Gelateria dei Neri and Sbrino. Gelateria Dei Neri is closer to the more touristy places and absolutely amazing. My favorite flavors were pistacchio and fior di latte. A local recommended Sbrino to us so we headed over and we were NOT disappointed. It was a much smaller and quieter location and they had an AMAZING caramelized cinnamon cookie flavor.

We also got dinner at Trattoria Zà Zà and it was amazing. So freaking good. You MUST get the veal if you go here.

In Florence, we also had a pasta-making class and we learned how to make cappelletti, spaghetti, and lasagna. It was such a fun experience and would highly recommend it.

Venice, Italy: 11/2-11/3

It was raining in Venice when we went so we weren’t able to do a gondola ride but it was still really nice to get to explore the canals. Venice is super crowded with tourists so we wandered into backstreets and found some less busy canals. Absolutely no regrets.

We got lunch at Bacaro Quebrado and dinner at Taverna da Baffo. I would highly recommend both of these locations.

Milan, Italy: 11/3

And the last stop on this magical Travel Week: Milan. We went to the Milan Cathedral and got to go to the roof as well. The Milan Cathedral is so gorgeous and I loved it. Definitely a great city to close out this trip.

In summary

I went to Santorini, Barcelona, Florence, Venice, and Milan in the span of 10 days. Do you need to do the same number of cities as I did? NO! I personally was happy with how long I spent in each city. Santorini was gorgeous and super chill and a great way to ease my way into this trip. I personally felt like 3 days in Barcelona was enough for me to explore and leave without having any regrets. In Florence, I started to get a little frustrated by the mobs of tourists everywhere so 2 days was all I really needed. Both Venice and Milan didn’t really seem like there was a ton of things to do so I’m happy I was only in those cities for a day.

Regardless of what cities you visit, make sure you cater your trip durations based on what you personally want out of your trips. I personally need things to do and love museums. I also would recommend heading down to Southern Europe during Travel Week because it’s definitely more of a challenge to plan these trips as weekend trips from Copenhagen.

Even though this trip was so incredible and I’m super happy I did it, it was definitely exhausting and I’m glad to be back in Copenhagen now. Being in countries that don’t predominantly speak English felt really strange and being back in Copenhagen and being surrounded by Danish is definitely becoming comfortably uncomfortable. I came out of this trip loving Europe and also appreciating the subtleties of Danish living so much more.

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