Christmas in Copenhagen

Denmark doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving! (Makes sense if you think about it.) That means right after Halloween, it’s straight into Christmas decorations!

The Christmas markets around Copenhagen have been open for a couple weeks now and that means the stores and streets are also flooded with Christmas lights and decorations.

I would highly recommend walking along Strøget from DIS down to Nyhavn because there’s 4 Christmas markets along the way. You also get to see Strøget and Hotel D’Angleterre in all it’s Christmas glory.


slaps so hard. There’s anything you could want from churros to flødeboller. From donuts to bacon. Eating my way through these 4 Christmas markets was such an incredible way to spend an afternoon.

At the homestay…

Christmas is no stranger. Last weekend, my host family and I made sooo many cookies. We made so many ginger snaps and sugar cookies. I think we ended up with close to 10 dozen?? Definitely working our way through them though.

Even the weather is feeling the Christmas spirit. One morning, I woke up to this incredible sunrise. Minutes before, the sky was an incredible lilac shade, but I was too groggy to climb out of bed and take a picture.

And with Christmas right around the corner, so is my last week in Copenhagen. Come back next week for all my thoughts on my study abroad experience at DIS!

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